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Big Bear Lake Adventures

Wilderness Safaris, in and around Big Bear Lake

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Welcome to Geocaching at BigBearLakeAdventures.com

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This month we are adding a Geocaching section on our BigBearLakeAdventures.com website.  Geocaching is a fascinating way to enjoy the outdoors, that’s been around since about 2000.  If you enjoy a treasure hunt, then you need to check out this new sport.  Geocaching involves the use of GPS receivers or other mobile locating devices to find caches that have been hidden at various locations throughout the world.  Geocaching is often referred to as a high tech game of hide and seek.  There is no shortage of hidden caches to look for.  Over 1.4 million caches are currently listed on different websites.

At Big Bear Lake Adventures, we will focus our attention on geocaching in and around the Big Bear Lake area.  Guiding us through the “ins and outs” of this high tech game of hide and seek will be our geocaching editors, long time Big Bear residents, Sue Johnson and CoraJeanne Richards, who are currently out in the wilderness looking for their next geocache to log.  Next week, Sue and Jeanne post the first in a series of geocaching articles on how to get started, what you can expect to find, which caches to look for, also some equipment reviews, and the different variations of geocaching that you can get involved with.  See you then.

Happy hunting!

Jeanne and Sue, closing in on their next find, on an early morning trek in the Big Bear Wilderness

Jeanne and Sue, closing in on their next find, on an early morning trek in the Big Bear Wilderness